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Thursday, March 6

By surprised my mom found my Modem at the cardboard drawer! That's the place where I never searched at all! God damn me! Luckily for that, I managed to save my $150.

I went to ComCenter on Wednesday to return the Modem. But time is rather short for me as I had to get back by 4.30pm and out by 5pm as my bro in law will be sending my wife and me to Hougang area to pass my old computer to my wife's brother. Guess what? I given my old computer, PS 2 in total. I hoped they can use it wisely and not much of problem.

After I had returned the modem, both of us took SMRT bus back home and just when the bus about to enter the PIE. My wife told me if I smell something. I thought those uncle who just boarded the bus were welder because I worked as welder before so I know that kind of smell. I am silly to think of that reason until the bus stop at the Road Shoulder at PIE! The bus driver check everything on the bus before he told the entire passengers to get down and change to another one just in case the bus will be on fire. He is kind enough to guide the passenger down the bus and warned the people heading down to the road to be careful as it is expressway so beware. He also waived off the entire bus fare for us and gave us a complimentary ticket which allow us to board the other bus. There's another bus behind us and damn it's gonna be squeezy! Luckily just when both of us got down from the breakdown bus, another 190 bus came by and brake infront of us! (Seem like some operation stunt! HAHA). Quickly we boarded the bus in front and yes! We got empty seat! haha..

By then I reached home, it is already 4.30pm and I quickly uninstall most of the stuff from the old computer. My wife's brother called up yesterday morning for the computer and due to time constrain, I am unable to uninstall every single shit. But luckily the main program had been deleted off. Phew.

Before all these, my bro in law, mom, wife and me went to Sungei Kadut to look for dining table! Yes, we went for 4 furniture and end up getting it at the very LAST store. It was then my mom kept saying going home. Luckily for the strong faith and persistent, we managed to get the table! It is quite cheap for it's design and this is the first time all four of us agreed on this table! Haha.. Too bad we didn't get from other shop! haha.. Some others seem nice and but there's no faith to their shop. The last one we went is by accident. The showroom, located at the 2nd floor had it's light off, no air con and no one to entertain until we made some noise than the girl came by. We end up buying from her after a big bargain. She told us that usually they are open on weekend so some of the shop buyers (Harvey Norman, Best, Courts etc ) will come in to search for these. Of course, that include walk in customer. I can tell you that getting things from Sungei Kadut is so god damn cheap! But you had to go in by car or cab. If not, Harvey Norman, Courts, Best etc are there for you.

What a day for yesterday and we had no time to rest. My wife's bro were on phone when my wife suddenly pushed the phone to me asking why there's no screen on their CRT. I had little wonder why and kept thinking why, that also made me not to talk because I had no idea why. I kept thinking why until my wife said so many nonsense (maybe monitor not sync to cpu?) and then logical reason came out! "Did you tried the other CPU? If no image, means the Monitor DEAD!. I was so stunned that the most simple logic didn't come to my mind! OMG! But hated that my wife scolded me for not taking over the phone... ya.. we end up a bit of dispute. :p

Ok.. I willing to give my CRT away to them since they had problem. Since I had 2 x CRT, one is about to up the lorry and the other perfectly ok, I be of course give the good one. What if they ask for LCD if my wife willing to buy a new one for them. Isn't that worse? The mass buy at VR Zone forum had end. What a cheap deal.... $500 cheaper.. sigh.. good buy... I had so many things to handle .. I can't even pay my own meal now.. sigh.. my entire payment exceed my salary! Can you believe it? Sigh..... I better not to think for new items... (LCD and Home Theatre System). Better to shut up my mouth. I need to go pray....

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