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Monday, March 10

Another great feast!!! Wow... We had wonderful Chilli Crab and Curry Fish Head yesterday!! And yes... Mahjong time for us again. Seem like my dad love to play! Ok, we won again... this time $4.20 in total that we won! hahaha..

I finally purchased the LCD at ITShow and now waiting for them to call me for confirmation on delivery date. I went to IT Show the 2nd day and my wife almost wanted to buy the FujiFilm camera and I told her not to buy it in impulse because we got to read up before we decide. Better to buy a camera that gives you a good output than a stylish but not a good output.

What else I am going to say? I guessed that's all about for the weekend we gone thru. Oh.. we going to Hong Kong during April! Hurray! I gonna plan for leave tho, we are complaining that 3 days isn't enough but than, it is better than nothing. Heh.. Looking forward to this trip with my Parents. They been wanted to see HK for a long time! This time will be a fruitful trip because all of us understand the language at HK and gonna bring them some of the famous places they seen on TV before.

I trying to upload the photos to Friendster but.. IT KEPT FAILING ON ME!! SUCKS.. the server is bad to worse... either it failed or connection reset! What's wrong with it sia! I cannot take it anymore! Oh my god!!!!

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