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Thursday, January 31

What the hell.. I find this is so irritating while I was on my way back with my wife earlier on. I was walking past the Multi Storey Car Park and had to walk about 10metres of road before I can get to the pavement. My wife is feeling giddy so we got to slow down the pace but I saw one oncoming car which just entered to the car park in the fast motion, I quickly told my wife to double up the pace. Just when we reached the small pavement and walk ahead to cross another small road, the freaking MPV car dashed past me! If I were slower by a little, I will get knocked down by the side!

Immediately I told my wife that how that idiotic drove! I showed up my hand indicating to the driver of "How you drove!" Then the car just stopped at the entrance of the carpark and my wife told me that the idiotic driver stopped there for what? At that moment, I thought there's someone wanted to alight from the car, but there isn't. From my point of view, I saw the guy head moving which he can turn to look at the back of the car window where he can see me. Still, I show the hand signal again of "Why you are such an idiotic driver!" I carry on walking and saw the driver window wind down which I do not give a shit of that. After walking toward the lift where I am at the void deck, the guy head showed out of the window shouted:"You are at the fault first!" I do not give a shit and say:"Ah...!" (In a "Like I fucking care mood") Then I give another hand signal in the opposite way which I do not bother.

I carried on grumble a little that who the fuck the driver drove and why must he drove in such a high speed when nego a turn? And this is commonly pedestrian will walk on the road. Shouldn't YOU the idiotic MOFO slow your fucking SPEED before turning IN? So What the FUCK you drove a MPV and I can see you wearing a stripe BLACK long sleeve shirt. Don't be FUCKING prick. Show me the LAW of I cannot walk there? What if you knocked me? And mind you, my wife is having bad headache! Asshole! This happen at 9.40pm of Blk 154A Carpark. There's one witness walked pretty fast saw the incident and stay at the 7th floor. Do not come and teach me what to do. Tomorrow I shall take a photo of where I crossed and how you drove.


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