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Sunday, December 23

This is so weird that a total of 3 bad scenario happened lately on both of us. I shall not name out or describe into details.

Scenario 1, merely just wanted to have a good rest result a big slam from friend for no good reason and most importantly been said that we had to answer our own consequences. In short, we had out rights and deserve a good rest and please be more understanding that preparing of wedding is not as easy and simple of that you may think. Till the day come, you will know what is call rest is important and to be frank, we had not yet finish the small things and why must (or rather HOW) are we going to show the itinerary out? Are you the monitor/monitoress? My God...

Scenario 2, I had learnt to cover my own butt over business when everything had been finalised. This pal did not get me back of what decision they had on mind and I got the 2nd time surprised by them as not to have me as their photographer. Due to save cost and not to spend unnecessary item. (Excuse me, I myself also preparing my wedding and I had already settled for the photographer long ago and been the very last minute. How can you say that of unnecessary items? Might as well do not hire and ask your pal to use a normal digicam since you think of saving the cost.) When the 'OK' and "Are you fine with the final outcome" were brought up previously, eventually it will made you think that it is confirmed for the job. End up saying that they did not agreed on anything as that's not consider as "back out" . Is that the game they are playing? Why must you tell me the final cost with the word "One Mouth Price"? When we agreed on montage, I had to follow up the case and end up I got such a big fuck surprise by them! Pushing blame of who did not tell me the outcome and not informing me until I MSN them. (For what the FUCK you on the MSN and never SMS me? Am I a clown? Ridiculous shit!)

Scenario 3, been warned by one particular person for NOT to bring anyone to the wedding. And failure to inform us about it and keep it in mum. Is there a need to keep quiet for the big day and why must this naive person do such a thing and not able to stand up to the front and tell everyone what is going on for treating her like that. Does that mean that you dare not to apologize or feel that you are always in right? Yes, there's one neutral person looking at what I am typing and who am I referring to, she knew. I need not to bother much as I say nothing wrong though. It is weird that you were been treated that way and in short: Is there a NEED to do so? You feel happy?? My god... naive....

Based on this 3 scenario, you may saw something related. Friends. They can be kind, caring, close but when one stupid thing happen, there are bound to have changes for both party. What is the outcome? No one know. All I know, usually for the outcome is *flip tables*. I chose not to talk much to them since it strain my mind and I believe that there are more things for me to handle for. Time is getting short and I better get my invitation card send out and doing for the montage.

Thanks to those who are neutral and nice to us, I always believe in " Your Generosity Will Be Returned In Kindness"

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