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Thursday, November 8

Gotta thanks Ray, Jean, Weijiang and Kelvin who celebrate my birthday at Starbuck, Central. Very appreciate for them to gather around to eat the cake together. It is nice but tasted damn sickening after I had my 2nd big piece of cake! LOL. Yah, Mr Kelvin did something weird on the cake which contained the word:"44Beatz" and not even my name with Happy Birthday! haha. He himself also wrote the word on his own! hahaha

After the cake session, all of us went up to MOS for another exciting night! Since it is holiday on the next day, I will be expecting lots of people to rock on! As there's slight changes due to private function in the Main Room, we were told that the gig will start on either 11pm or 11.30pm. That also mean the line up timing will push backwards instead. End up, due to long Q outside MOS up till the taxi stand near TCC, MOS decided to open the door on 10pm and that's when Weijiang take over the decks to warm up. Wow, he got real choon and the set of his is marvellous! Of course, there's crowd coming in but no one is dancing on the floor since it is still early! Crowds began to pour in when Neilee took over it and began his deep/ electro house but, not much people dancing still as the night is 'too early'? LOL When Clark told over to whack his electro, more crowds but not as pack yet. People walked around to get their drinks and most of them waiting for someone to start the ball rolling with some dance movement on the floor! Haa

By then, the great Jean move on her usual wonderful BREAKs! Haha!!! It is so good and this time... PACK!!! The room eventually went insane and that's SO COOL! Of course, a lot of people were asking me why am I feeling so quiet and the only ans I mentioned:"Stress". I can't imagine how can I maintain the crowd till end of my set to let Daniel carry to secure the crowds in Pure room. I kept shaking my head and I literally had no idea what the shit am I going to play. Heh... 2am striked! Yes.. me! Me! Me! I swiped my sweat, I cool myself but useless. My hands were trembling! I kept flipping for one song, Proper Education (I decided to bang this tune because Neilee came to me and ask who played it the last time and if I didn't hear wrongly someone did ask for it). I played the Club mix which the intro is slow and I had no idea how to come in after Jean gave it to me. I thought of making some stupid CUE trick with the very first word of Proper Education. Haha.. End up, I just push up and let the synthesizer pad to cover the kick for outgoing music! Hell yeah I make it and let the entire went mad over it! Yeah.. ;) With 3 Electro House tune been played, I decided that its time to put some trance before I went on the usual lovingly Tech Trance.

The entire set is good! I played techy to groove tech and back to tech as to make the crowds move the vibe. I thanks Russell and A.I. who drop by last night. Many thanks! And yes, Daniel had fun with the set too but I guess too many people are feeling too tired to dance from Jean till Daniel. Thats why few people sit down and relax but the crowds were still pack! Many thanks for all who support our gig in PURE (MOS) last night. Without the crowds, the gig will not be successful!

It's a nice wrap up and all of us enjoy a lot. Yes, Kelvin managed to whack the last set before giving to us for Back 2 Back where Weijiang take over the control, then Clark and me for the last song: Born Slippery. LOL

We went off to take cab but due to crowds were everywhere, it is so hard to get in the cab. Many of them do not go to the area the people want due to changing of shift. Kelvin, Daniel, Clark and me decided walk to Central to catch the cab and me hoping for NR3 since there's night bus. :) End up, one Hyundai cab came by and Daniel ask the driver where he heading to and the uncle replied Woodlands. Hahaha.. Luckily Daniel knew Woodlands and Teck Whye is near by so I tried my luck for asking it. Haha I got it by luck and seat in comfortably in the cab and bye to all! Everyone said:"CB!" Hahaha

What a great night.

Yes, for god no why reason, I had problem with my camera. I cannot focus in dark thus I need the AF Assist Beam to help me. However, both camera and flash AF assist beam DO NOT WORK at all! haha Knn.. I asked Lawrence and Darrel for help. Both told me what to do on the setting but I had actually did! Darrel isn't using the same flashlight as me so Lawrence TOLD me the most cute answer "Use your built in flash and test!" Yah... 5D got built in flash? WTF. Yah.. throw away the 5D, no good. No built in flash.. Lousy qestion. :p HELP!

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