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Thursday, October 4

Seem like I am totally shack out from the house painting. It totally make me lost all the concentration while spinning at Pure today. I did a lot of mistake and of course, the flow isn't there. In fact, I am really playing for empty room!!! Daniel performed great and lots of his friends came down to support him! Of course, as most of Daniel's friend gotta work the next day, very soon the empty room is seen. It is way different from the first time. Nevertheless, I did pull through plus the tiring backache for a day! (Thanks Keith for massaging my back. Wasn't as worse as in the morning)

Look like MOS clubbers love coming in late, while Clarke is playing for 20mins, crowds began to move in! Of course, Reiki was there to rock it and cool (a lot of people!) Well, there are some kids dancing synchronise at the dance floor and it look totally GREAT! Among all, I love the back 2 back with Zann as we whack it hard and tech enough. Some people didn't went off, stayed put and carry on dancing. Look like they love tech sound! Terrific.

While heading home, there are kinda fight or quarrel over at Clarke Quay which of course involved the Police Officers! Heh.. though the polices were there, they called for reinforcement of 2 more patrol cars! I didn't know what going on but there are a lot of people crowding. Who/ What/ How, I didn't know. But Daniel did heard the cheering gang. Heh.. Look like coffee session is inevitable.

Once again, 4th Oct! Happy Darling Baby! May your wishes all came true, ya? Hug!

I am currently converting my entire Credit Cards points to exchange for Krisflyers. To Taipei, 30k Krisflyer miles were need. Luckily for some great cards, I managed get a good deal on that and currently, I reckon I left 15K miles. Hehe... Dream of honeymoon is coming closer.

Thursday: On Leave and got to paint house, check out the wedding car too. Great. Plus, Sunday I had to make a move to Mag house for some products shoot. While helping to shoot, I can also earn my portfolio which is totally one stone hit 2 birds!

Man... I am hungry and I wanted to get some rest.. Next up: 7th Nov and 17th Nov. This time round, I got to call lots of people to support! Plus... 44Beatz wanted celebrate the B Day of mine at Pure. Man.. they all have a weird ideas.. LOL...

Sleep time!

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