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Monday, October 22

I can't figure out why am I having bad sleep lately, especially the ache on my back and neck. The feeling is so hard to describe! I felt so stiff, aching and I can't really locate the pain! Dans irritating shit.

Look like I had been nice to everyone for helping their PSP. LOL. It is great that I helped a lot of people with their PSP. woot! ;) The PSP no longer hung on me when I on and off the sleep mode. Hurray to 3.71 m33-2 Version!

I do really need a new computer which enable me to run even faster and better then now. I suspect some stuff is irritating my system because it hit 100% on my CPU usage which is rather weird. I can even forget to check which is the program! Darn me. I did a lot of house keeping yesterday, like burning out a lot of programs I had in the system to do backup as well as to clear some space. Ha! I can't imagine that I literally left 10% of the space! I got to clear some stuff off so that it will not overload.

My ideal computer system will be a 6600 Intel chip with a Asus motherboard, great tower with 2 fans, 4Gb ram, 2 x 1TB hdd, 1 x 500Gb hdd, 256mb great graphic card (work on games and photoshop), great power supply and a good heatsink! Hehehe.. I calculated and it will great 2.8K! Damn me. Everything will come right after the wedding.

Soon we be heading down for food tasting at Orchard Parade Hotel and hoping that everyone will appear on that day. Of course, we got to do our e filing soon for ROM. Needed Parent's IC. Soon after all these, payment for all stuff had to clear off asap which include Bridal (1 last payment), Banquet and some misc stuff. We left the bed which we need to buy soon... I am hoping that my company bonus will come end of this year and a big fat one (hoping so much), if not that's goner for me. I got to pay for the Brother's cars, ang pow for gate crashing and some unknown misc which we had to pay. So Nov will be very busy for us as it time to go for food tasting, Guo Da Li items, searching for clothes during wedding day, cakes, cars and some other which I can't think of any now.

It's getting exciting! Oh yeah... that had not include my painting of room! We gonna paint some light Beige, light brown to feel cosy and SPA! haha.. Part of the furniture had to tear off for the bed to come in... hmm.. A lot of work to be done. *tiring* Hoping that I will have enough cash to buy a video cam for our wedding day which I will ask someone to video cam for us. Anyway, these will not shown during lunch banquet time since there's no time to edit so it will be our own collection. :)


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