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Thursday, October 11

After yesterday wedding shoot, I had this strong feeling which is "Improvise, Study & Open my mind". It is indeed a letdown as my darling and me gone through yesterday. Not that I am slamming or whatsoever, it's just that this is something I must sound out. The make up and gown is for my darling but yet the most importance isn't been captured at all! What she meant was the close up! She had few looks but yet the photographer failed terribly to capture the best image of her!

Not only that, the photographer had failed so much by not having more props and more idea after all. All I can told him was to crop the image, use the staircase, etc etc etc. I am so disappointed that he didn't make full use of the shop house! There are thing that he can shoot with it but I kept wondering why why why he didn't do it?!

I am not been sarcastic but had to say that it quite sad that he never do more homework like surfing more net, magazine to get ideas, or even ask the couples whether what kinda shoot we prefer the most. He did a lot of communication but all I can say most of it are crap shit talk, it is not funny or what! I do realised the importance of communication like asking, discuss to get more ideas, to feel better we entrust the shoot on him. He call the shot when he held the cam but I had no choice but to step in and get what I want. At least it is something I will WANT to take. I told him to crop, he kept giving me loose frame! What the hell.... Had I not seen the image on the cam, I wouldn't know that he didn't get my IDEA at all! Argh.. I am not frustrated.. I am just so... *speechless*

We tried our best to do what we were told, but it is totally useless! Why? We felt the lost of confidence! He kept covering the flaw on my wife.. what the... My MUA, David said, SHOW! We let go the veil to show her arm, then come the photographer to cover it. Isn't that fucking obvious what you are trying to do. We didn't enjoy at all! If I were to pay for GO Kart shoot, I think the turn out will be totally useless! Why? He been too serious and when we were joking to each other, he never SHOOT! That's the best of the natural of us... WHY WHY WHY! If I were to say this, I am totally a shitter but my wife and David AGREED! Boring, no idea, letdown. I am dead serious! I paid 2k + isn't cheap, don't tell me pay peanuts, get monkey. 2K, eventually I can really get a DECENT shoot. If the photos turn out (speechless) after it had been done, I don't think I would want to take. No point telling me this is good or bad when I know what I want. I am not telling the people to read my mind of what I want, but at least close! Sigh... I am not been to professional, perfectionist, but at least something CAN BE SEE.

Best part.. the strobe come from dunno where. He never use light meter, he use move around.. the studio is not totally cosy enough to let the couple feel good. Best part, the photographer is shooting for another couple (make over) before us. While they changing, its our turn to shoot. Can you imagine who irritating is it to have other people looking at us while we are doing the shoot? This is not professional man! Ok.. now.. let's see how it turn out. There's no enjoyment at all and I wouldn't want to add on the photos at all. I can see that there's no much of sweet laugh at all. Haiz

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