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Friday, September 21

It will be a tough day for tomorrow as early in the morning, I got to drive all the way to Kelvin house to collect the flyers and later on to Hougang for returning Weijiang CDJ. Then, I had to go to Orchard Parade Hotel to settle the remaining billing of $2,100 for the banquet. Next will be Bridal de Couture bridal fitting and that will be the day I had to do my suit and pants color selection.

After all these are done, both of us had to fly back to new housing awaiting for the fridge which will be transport from my aunt house at Hougang to Choa Chu Kang. Before reaching our new house, both of us had to go to Bukit Batok and buy the necessary painting accessories. We will settle whatever we had to first before heading out again to Pioneer to rtn/ take the DVJ with my Bro-in-Law.

That's the entire busy day for Saturday! Sunday morning will be having breakfast at Tiong Bahru for my favourite curry rice before heading to new house to do washing of floor and some minimal painting.

What a weekend to spend as it is going to be really pack! Imagine that I left only $10 in bank and luckily that I used to save a lot of coins like $1, $0.50, $0.20 and $0.10 which added up to the amount of $190! Enough for me to rent the car (Fiat Idea) over the weekend from Friday night till Monday night about $230. SO Monday, I might took leave or MC to rest and do some painting if I had time to do so. I still got to practise hard for 3rd Oct gig as I had no idea what is my time slot though. Daniel is getting nervous by days! haha All the best, bro.

Life is so confusing and complicated. You never know when you be gone so I decided not to be too stress or sad over so easily. Life is all about happiness and be contented of what you have. Strive hard if we can, but do not neglect the rest. having heard the situation of Veron's friend sister in law, I felt that we must achieve what we need to than we regret. I must keep telling myself I want to stay happy and achieve what I want to be. I feel like doing a music regarding to life.... which I hope so. Even my coll's relative had the same fate: Passed away. And dad been knock down by lorry and staying at ICU. God bless everyone. Hoping Veron's friend's Bro's baby will recover any soon! May the baby mom bless the baby and see the light soon!

We must be strong in life, do what we want. So I decided to be hardworking to do my portfolio for photographing and secure more job. I shall not be lazy anymore. I know I mentioned this before but, I am dead serious for now. I cannot afford to slack! :)

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