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Friday, August 10

What can I say for now? Hmm... Let me think and think... I guess I shall pour everything out of what I heard and feel today.

Yes.. Happy Birthday Singapore... But.. as usual, I watch the parade only then move in to my room to do my stuff then continue watching the 'dance'. Enough of that, I had been burning so much CDs recently for the gig that I'm preparing for on the date of 5th Sept '07 at Ministry Of Sound. Yes, you did not see wrongly, Ministry Of Sound. And I am going to perform for that night and I am opening for the 2nd set along with the rest of the gang from 44 Beats which include Neil, Kelvin and Clarke. I personally knew Kelvin and his is my working partner and one day he approached me if I am interested to spin along with them. Clarke knew Kelvin by chance over at HMV which his pal introduce both of them and that's where it came in the whole picture. As for Neil, I had no idea about his personality so I remain silent for now. The gig is not about guiding people to Electronic Dance Music, but to let everyone have fun during the night over genres like House, Progressive - Tech, Breaks and Techno. I belong to the Progressive - Tech and no longer a Trance guy which some of the rest who knew me.

I move on to House, in fact much of progressive which I love the most and I think it is must comfortable listening to it. And of course, the hardest I moving on will be Tech Trance. :) I am still planning of my set and thanks Weijiang for lending me the CDJs and I be meeting him tomorrow to get it. Finally he is a freebird from National Day Parade. :p Reiki is one of the DJs which is in the 44beatz and surprisingly Kelvin did knew her since long ago and of course, who had not heard about her name, Reiki who is one of the crew in Break In Asia, not to forget that the Asia Break Ambassador is Tony Tay. 5th Sept '07 will be the day we shall rock the MOS floor and do come and join us. Do visit the site for sign up to get special rate to MOS on the Ladies Night!

Huiwen is leaving my company for the better opportunity and higher pay but the distance is horrible! All the way to Tampines!! God. :P Anyway I wishes her all the best! One of her coll name Shaleene is going to take over her duty after Huiwen left. In fact, there's another girl tried to apply for the position as well but she is rejected for (I do not know why). But instead, Shaleene got it. Apparently, this girl had no qualification and though she is studying part time degree and doesn't that mean anyone can come in and apply like that? Not to forget, she had a big strong wall to protect her! She is none other then Video Manager, Shentil. Of what I heard that Shentil had been protecting Shaleene as this girl's mom is the manager best friend. Whatever Sha did wrong, Shen will protect by saying she is still young, inexperience. But, what is the use of been so over protective and yet she can even screw up such an easy task, let alone to let her to handle big accounts. I am no racist but as she is Indian, how can she understand Huiwen job as most of the account are dealing with Mandarin show and I began to wonder how she is going to cope... I think SCREWED up will be the best word to describe. Most of the people in Video felt that this is so unfair because of someone been protecting her and always slack on doing things. Not that I am rude but she did like give black face to others and indeed spoilt my mood in the morning. Nevertheless, I will see the good show after Huiwen left and if anything going to happen, I believe that most of the people in the Video department will throw the letter out. I really wonder what the management is doing, why and how can this happen? Must things really happen then they realise the mistake or? Darn.. Luckily Audio Dept is still ok. Anyway, new coll will be coming it could be one of the current coll's ex coll and been funny of what I heard, she will call all people with the ending of Jie/Ge behind and of course all of us crack the jokes by calling each other name with the word Ge and Jie. :p

I thought of renting the car of collecting the CDJ and then to Peninsula to buy the roll of paper which I can later travel back to Parkway to fetch my girl to view the house structure. End up, the guy left only MPV which is rather exp for me, $240. The guy is so nice to push down a little and letting me to have the time earlier but I still reject as I guess cab will still be cheaper, just that I be busy running around though. Means, I travel to Hougang to get the CDJ, then to home and out to Penin buy the stuff. I wanted to get 2 x 3foot black and white paper for some shoot which I had been thinking of. Maybe I should sell the Light Tent out since I want to practise hard by using no light tent. Let me think harder. I might also sell the Macro lens for further focal distance then been too near which I can be seen on the reflective surface. Hmm.. But wide can be good to shoot as my room is a most headache situation which I guess let me put that mindset aside. Meanwhile, I am looking at Snoot and honey comb which what I learnt from the book stating that most of the time they are using snoot to focus the object for lighting and honeycomb to cut out more light to travel. But Snoot itself will cost me $157 and a set of 4x honey comb and standard reflect are $500. So, in total, $157 + $500 + 2 x $55 (paper) = $767.

I shall put up the sale of my light tent and get my paper with snoot first. Honey comb shall come later. :)

Next is the agent. I had nothing to say but all fucking agent are the same after collecting money. What is that's the other agent job and it's not mine? As a client, how do I feel? Because of this, I cannot view the house structure? What do you meant by that actually? This is so disappointing! After debating so much regarding of meeting up with the seller, my girl decided to call the seller instead and best is, after hearing the reason why we are unable to meet the timing, the seller side willing to oblige our wish to view the house. Hence, when the maid knew who we are, we can go to the house when there's a need to. To depend on the agent, OH my... do not give me crap of the seller say cannot, but as a agent, do you actually explain the reason why we chose that timing? It is not that we are giving problem, it is the timing disallow us to do so. What can it be done though? Who to blame? Can't the agent do a simple job properly or should I say that the agent never perform the job nicely to deal with such kind of situation? This is totally sad! Disappointment! To think you want me to intro more client to you, no thanks. There is not even a greeting when both Buyer and Seller met during that day for 1st appointment. This is so embarrassing! Thanks ERA for giving such an after sales service.


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