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Friday, August 31

Finally, the last day of ICT. Yesterday some of the NSman commander returned to the unit for some sort of briefing regarding of ICT issue. Most of them had not started their first ICT yet thus I can see much of confusion from their eyes. There are 3 commanders that I knew: Sgt Simon and 2 PC, Lt Marcus and Joe. Joe took over Marcus as PC after I am in the unit for 6mths. Marcus is now in St Andrew teaching Math and Joe signed up as a air steward. He had not changed at all having that boyish look and ok.. he is quite handsome though. So, he fit in the bill as air steward. His next aim is to be pilot! Haha.. He is one of the person I will want to invite for the wedding. hehe.

Kenny is again unhappy with the WO due to improper order been passed down. When we were told to finish the task yesterday since today there's visitor coming and they can see the display, we will assume its by end of the day. Yet, this cockster told Kenny to finish it by 2pm. I bet this WO is living in the world of dreamland because this rig up is Kenny who invented it. Though Kenny been active in the past is damn cocky but I can say that his knowledge is damn good! Respected!

During night time, Kelvin call me up to go down to MOS for sound check and I took 10min to decide because I am dead beat and kinda sick. I went ahead and meet the guys and later on found out that Godwin P said that the room had been reserved for Private Function. This is like... HUH! We were quite pissed though but at least Godwin P came down and apologize and buy us a drink. OK, I didn't due to my tiredness. I had one before he came by and been clumsy of me, I knock the glass of beer down.. damn malu. I guess, too much of world of Hokkien degraded my speech in English. hahaha

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