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Monday, July 23

Furious. End up everyone is not getting the D810 from Alvin! I was told that I can get the phone by tomorrow, but the reply from him was that the spoilt PDA phone had been sent for repair and will be ready for collection this Friday. I literally pissed with what I saw on the SMS that shouldn't the phone be brand new and not the repaired set? What happen if it fail again? This is way too unbelievable! And since his supplier had failed to deliver the D810 tomorrow, shouldn't he give us what we want? Ridiculous was I SMSed to Alvin. Best of the best, I got no reply from him after that. The 2nd SMS from me to him was all of us want to withdraw! There's absolute silent on my phone thinking that he will either war with me via phone or SMS.

I began to flash back during the RT period. He once told us that he was scolded for selling such a low price to us and I'm thinking whether is it his boss up to no good. As the tactic work:"Wait till you give up!" I ain't sure whether how true can it be but I'm not going to bother it! Who cares. Till he call me up first.

Supposingly to buy Toto today but felt that all of us might drop by to the $2 shop. End up my coll came up to me saying she not well? (I didn't heard properly as my partner did). I was told by her that she is not heading Funan mall to buy the $160 voucher for SheeMun birthday celebration. I felt weird thinking... "as if I go there?!" But never mind that since I need to go Cathay Photo for inquiry strobe reflector and buying of Toto. After the lunch I went up to Peninsula Plaza to get the Toto but due to the Queue is too long, I went to CP instead. The reflector range from $107 to $143. I was thinking that since I need to shoot the product using the tent, I needed both light to shine into the tent thus the reflector is a must. Now I will try 1 with umbrella and the other not. So, the one with the reflector might had to drop 1-2 stop down since there's re bounce back from umbrella. I had not try it as the light meter ain't with me.

Luckily for Wan Ting cash on hand because buying of voucher only accept cash and not Credit Card, if not I can use my Capitaland Card. LOL. Soon after we went back to office and yes the celebration (5pm start). I didn't want to eat the cake but a lot of people kept asking me why but I only say I do not want but only the people who knew know about my status of not having sweet stuff. :)

I searched a lot at amazon books for studio lighting, creative product shoot, high key, low key etc.... thanks to Darrel had some of them so I can actually borrow from them without buying it. I will only buy those that they do not have at all. At the same time, Andy had one of the book as I shown him the site at Amazon. Bet I am lucky, Andy is working in the publishing books company and they sell books too. He can give me 25% off by helping me to purchase the book, so I emailed him in total of 9 books so I can see how much it cost and whether they have it on hand or not. Yes, he told me Aug will be sale period from his company and it will be 25% off but staff will not get additional discount due to fabulous discount. So I might aim that during Aug and search for the good book that I wanted. (at least I can swipe my card. LOL)

Had not got time to do my shoot since it was raining and I had to do some household chores like mopping. Dad had swollen eyes and mom had some 'Gu Ci' on her back so it's better for me to do most of the stuff. Look like I'm getting sensible and trying to do a lot of chores now. At least I would be that lazy at all. Due to dieting and carefully selection of food, my tummy wasn't as bloated like last time! To think I really ate too much of junk food and gorge myself into it without knowing how to control. I really want to live healthily.

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