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Sunday, July 22

Finally got my Elinchrom set and totally damage: $2531.

Stuff I got:
Elinchrom 400w 2set to go : $2263
X-rite Colorchecker Gray Scale Balance Card : $160
Kenko diffuse box : $108

The reason for Kenko is for product shoot which I do not want to see extra light from ceiling, window grill on the product and the light must be diffuse as to cast away the shadow which look even better. So I gotten the bigger one in case I might have bigger stuff to put it in. And as for colorchecker, this is very important for all photographer to get the WB right. No doubt it is just grey, white and black; the colors were calibrated properly before printing out thus the value is worth.

I almost want to get 2 more items which were the photoflex 5 in 1 reflector and the background paper. Photoflex 5 in 1 will cost me $290 and yes the color is great and it wun wear off easily and the stuff are again calibrated properly. As for background which are the one give me a lot of headache. Either I get the 9ft or 3ft for white/black paper roll. But I just sold off my black one and it is weird that I want to buy again and fearing that 3ft is not long enough so I opt for 9ft. But many reason kept dashing on my head asking me... white or black to get? What if there's no room to keep the things or too short that I need a longer one? If I get this, reflector must come in too. So I decided to put that on hold and master my product shoot before moving in to portraiture. Even if I gotten the 9ft, I guess Kelvin do not mind me having the stuff his in house.I will start on some stuff tomorrow so as to understand more of setting up and of course the free DVD which is given as well.

Great that I got the Spyder2 express for free and I intend to sell off due to eye one display 2 which works damn well for me! So I moved off with the bags to hail for the cab and luckily the set came along with bags. If I were to buy 600w, I might had to invest in travel bag, light stand, softbox etc. I guess that will come later. I will try to aim the background paper, reflector (which I can borrow from Darrel). Luckily Darrel do not mind lending me his light meter which is not cheap after all. The salesman, Christopher, recommend me Photoflex background cloth to me and I think this is great for portable usage! It cost $144 and sadly to say that they do not bring in white and black. I guess paper are still better thou. I'm glad to talk a lot with Christopher and share some stuff with him to gain more knowledge and he is very nice guy. At the same time, he is also Ricky mentor who taught him on studio light at Safra photographing studio course. We kept talking about Ricky and we had our laugh as well and I realised that Ricky almost won the competition but by 1 mark! Sad for Ricky and I never knew Ricky came in top for all his course. Wonderful but sadly, he didn't managed to get the light. hehe.

I met my dearie after I placed my things at home and head out on bike to Kovan. We had our fill at Xin Wang and of course watch my diet and she admit that I did slim down a little because of my intake isn't as huge as last time. She is glad to see her ex classmate at the restaurant as well and of course got to intro me to them and ask them to come for our wedding day! Hehe.. I am happy for her since she managed to talk to them and they are quite a nice bunch of people. Look like I need to slim down a lot so as to show them Veron got a nice and handsome hubby on the very important day! Of course they were shocked that she is moving off to Choa Chu Kang and some of them admit that well thats life and got to follow. They are different from some of my dearie click, got fun, got rubbish, got quiet etc... cool. :) Soon, we went to popular and immediately she is very interested with the Harry Potter book and wanted to buy it! Kept thinking if she want to buy or not, she can borrow from her friend since she do not buy since Book 1 till the last one she will rather borrow. I guess this is a good book and I might buy for her. Maybe I should get the whole series and re read everything since a lot of the stuff were not mentioned during the show. Of course, to brush up my English reading too!

I wanted to get my Mio plan and luckily I did asked for more information and were told that I can only apply after 2 month! This is a great saving plan and I will aim for upgrade on net speed which cost me $99 which include of house phone and handphone bill. I just need to top up the amt for better benefit which the normal plan will be $69 bucks which I can save abt $8. But with the better benefit, I can get 10mbps for my net! Lovingly to say that I will have free incoming call too. Look like I must change my telephone line which is my internet line to another private line which currently had 2 lines for this particular tele number. Therefore, I will terminate the old line which we seldom use at all. Hehe. I shall see 2 months later!

Monday I got to do some balance transfer from DBS so I can enjoy 0% interest for 6mth so I can pay the minimum sum of money till after our wedding. And ever $50 charge to my Maybank CC, it entitled me to have 5 chances to win a Subaru SUV! Hoping for the truth! Hehe... Oh.. That remind me to get another reflector hood for my product shoot if not the umbrella is another solution for me. Had not gotten enough time to test so maybe tmr will be a better day for me despite of my time is real tight! I got to do some Suana on tummy in the morning, mop floor, do 20 push up and hang on pull up bar for 20 sec before I try to do 2 - 5 of pull up. I tried the treadmill at dearie house and really love it, I brisk walk about 1km plus and burnt 120 calories! hehe.. But my heartbeat is way too fast due to lack of exercise so I will try to keep myself healthy and burn away the unwanted fats and lower my sugar level too. Train train train!

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