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Sunday, July 15

Bang bang slam slam is what I did to my amp in order for it to revive back! haha.. Yes.. it went dead again recently and yesterday I was quite pissed and all I did was to hit the amp which I always seen on tv how the people did! haha.. it works the same in reality! (at least for me thou)

Been working damn hard lately as Jason (DJ Itchi) told me to help him out for a chill music which will be on the website. I ain't sure about the link though but this copyrights is sure a must to talk about. More of the info will be release later on. Overall I am totally happy with the result after several trial and many thanks to Blank & Jones Relax Edition music. Inspiration came from them but the only sad thing will be no guitar involved! Haha Because I myself isn't a guitarist but will let my girl listen to the song for finalise. I did the necessary stuff like mix down, plugin, a lil of eq except for the main melody because I think there's some stuff which can be amend. :) I am sure proud about this production!

My Grand Theft Auto is hang now! haha.. I mean addicted and after so long of playing.. currently 20% completed which I reckon it will take quite a while to finish the game. :)

I am considering of Elinchrom/ Bowens over Jinbeis studio light. Yes I am getting them again but this time no battery type as I lost faith on it due to the previous shoot. Now Im going for a lower watt but at least able me to bring out to shoot for near future. The reason isn't that I want to spend the money unnecessary, it is because I feared that if I do not have enough practise on studio light and shooting using the strobe, how can I produce more portfolio to show the client? Likewise, I will not feel nervous on what am I going to do next in front of all the models, clients and others. Most imptnt is to get the stuff done and understand all the need out of it. In overall, client have to see you perform in order to feel assurance that the output will be good then they thought why am I paying you so much and yet you do not know a single things and using cheap stuff? Yes.. strobist blogspot is using speedlight and gotten the incredible result, but as for client might not think. All is about package and how you bring the stuff out of yourself. Practise hard, know better and perform good in front of them.

Jinbei: cheap and good but output setting often up and down which you might get the reading on the light meter: F16/ F11.5 then F16 again. Weirdo. But I can buy another strobe of Jinbeis if the job comes in (Ok, mean time all confirmation isn't up yet)
Elinchrom/ Bowens: Recommended and good quality which give you constant light output. But cost about 2K which give you 2 light and necessary stuff like softbox and umbrella. For jinbeis only strobe light (600w) which the rest add up about $740.

Sound like a good dead for Jinbeis but commercially usage, best to prevent the inconsistent output as what if the shot you like but giving lower power? That's the sigh part. I might go for either Bowens 500w: $2550 or Elinchrom 400W : $2090. Headache huh. I like to look far then now and of course my wedding as well.. I shouldn't buy and buy... but sometime is all about sacrifices and aim far for better usage because I literally invest on it. Hoping the job come is and I do not need to buy the light by then since initially I wanted to get it when the job confirm, but now I got a fear of not producing what client like. This is the only worries.. Look like Elinchrom is worth to buy too... I got quite a number of creative/ product shoots to get it done because this is purely practising and getting more interesting hidden agenda on the photo :)

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