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Wednesday, June 13

Yesterday we had celebrated Teresa farewell to IFP and everyone today felt like something is missing, which was the blur queen. I sms her in the morning asking why isn't she here and it is getting late! Phew.. she was diligent enough that I am playing prank on her. :p

Ok, Teresa is like a small sister to everyone and kinda doted her thou. But when she was talking to the intern whom is at the same age of her, suddenly I felt that she talk maturely and of course not as the blur queen I always disturbed at. But the moment I joke with her, immediately the blur expression of her was shown! haha. Ok, that's rather mean to say her like that. I do wish her all the best and it is nice of her to give everyone of us a token of letter which contain her real feeling. The funniest thing she ever gave me was the DVDr which written on the paper that she want to share some of the games with me. Sweet though but I had not open the files and check what is it inside. haha.. must be some sort of girl stuff :P

Thanks for everything that she said because I'm always been the one who taught her technology stuff; be it IT, PSP or whatever. But hey, others do play a part like KEITH! Haha.. Yesterday took the last 2 photo of them in one of the weirdest pose! I had nothing to say AT ALL!!!! haha.. god damn.. erm.. haha.. I shall put up some photo later on or perhaps by tomorrow.

I managed to capture her dripping eyes yesterday which is the MOST important highlight of the day. The leaving is never nice, it contain happiness for future and yet sad to leave the gang. All of us had great fun except poor Alex who was on MC and Jeff unable to stay throughout to take the group photos though. I personally felt that it is quite sad to miss out the great ppl from IFP audio. After all, we belong to audio dept. We are very united. haha. This is one of the most touching farewell party we ever had since.. *cough* Most important was the main lead made us had fun and laughter, lots of ALAMAK and Oh Gosh! I had finished the 2nd batch of photo in the very fast speed as the powerful program, Lightroom enable me to speed every photos. Once I got this photos done up, I can easily copy the entire setting and paste on the next one. If the photos are at the same position and same camera setting, using the same processing setting is fairly ok. At most you readjust bits by bits, need not to redo all over.

I tend to have saturation on skin and make sure that no much of red is seen. Though it look natural to me, but I still like a little over exposed and saturated feeling. First, to make the skin smoother due to high exposure and make the person look cool with saturated skin color. I want to change a style of mine for such processing so here I am .. doing all these stuff. Kinda tempted to get the Life Size which cost $350 at Clubsnap and of course I want to slash the price big time to test the limit of the seller margin. Get it or no isn't the big issue to me, so it is fine with me.

Just got the 1st appointment letter and it will be on the 30th July '08. Anxious though. Yesterday my girl and me went to Lee Hwa shop and got our lovely wedding bands after much of consideration at few places, even at Fairy inc whereby we can do our own customisation. Reason for not going there is very simple: scare of what I want may not turn out nice. They can't read my mind. I am too particular and the overall design might cost about the same if we were to get over at the shop. And, why copy the idea and pour at fairy inc and hope for great saving? At least, the branded Lee Hwa, Destinee series is one of the most branded stuff among in the shop and we gotten the half rose gold, white gold with the diamond at the top. It look nice and it can be wear on any occasion. I am very happy with the ring and of course my girl share the same sentiment as me. Total cost: S$1970 with GSS/ Citibank discount. I am contented of what I had now and need not to have the 2nd set of ring which it is either troublesome to change always or I am not rich to get one. Though I can get the most cheap pair, but whats the use of having the good one in the first place? To take it as ornament? Anyway, scratches are bound to have and it is inevitable after all. If this is much of the concern, why get the pair in the first place? Expect to get it rubber protection for the ring?

The reason we got the expensive rings was that we do not come by so smoothly and took a lot of hardship and even it scratch, it means how long we had been together and it also stand for, no matter what happen, we are always together. Of course, it does not attract too much of attention then the one we chose in the first place. So this is the best pair we got. Feel happy with the ring, we even got the free ring pillow from Lee Hwa and won $100 voucher from Lee Hwa for our next purchases. Was told that it was the highest prize we draw! haha. Love it and can't wait to see it until end of this mth!

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