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Monday, April 30

This is far too irritating when I took the bus no.190 ytd. My dearie, Shiying and me went to Bridal studio to check out the design and of course to some disappointment that there's no much of design on shelf. Of course, we are doing the MTM but ideas in our head cannot think much. Thou my dearie tried few of the wedding gown, it's really not so easy to think of which is better for her.

She can wear some of them, but due to what I feel for "Simple and Elegant" doesn't appear at all. So we went home with little ideas in our mind. At least we were rather convinced that she can wear a tube and off should. What I liked abt was the halter neck gown which going to be her evening gown. MTM will be for wedding gown thou.

Now is researching non stop and asking lots of ppl for some opinion. :)

And yes, let me get back to the story where I started off.

After saying goodbye to Shiying, dearie and me went down to Chinatown NEL as to cross the other side. One of the guy turned on his bloody handphone speaker so loud that I felt it was SO irritating! What do they want? Attention or what? That is still ok. While we board the bus, I heard music in the bus and look at the top if there's any speaker, but there isn't any of them! I turned back and realised the guy behind me had his hp speaker on! OMG! Irritating!!!!

While our bus was along the orchard rd, one of the malay guy hop in and sat infront of me. Oh dear.. thou it is not from the hp speaker, his damn headphone was too loud! I can even hear the lyric from the music! Oh shit! There isn't the end until the bus was on BKE! One of the woman talked damn loud with some irritating high frequencies which hurt my ear! And best that she was sitting behind me! I felt bombard everywhere and I kept covering my ear and look back! The woman was talking so loud until the entire bus can hear her conversation. It was actually miscommunication as I heard. But damn why do I deserved to hear these! Finally she moved to another seat before reaching Bukit Panjang Plaza, of course I glanced back and see what kinda woman is it. She is in her late 40s, messy hair, low cut and best part, I saw her thigh had one small part which had her blood flow down. Gross.

I don't bother and told my dearie, prepare to alight. While I was tapping my card, the guy sitting near the door had his music on very loud from his damn iPod nano! OH MINE!!!!!! I felt so irritated! GOSH! My ear feel so pain until today man. So many times in a row... oh dear....

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