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Friday, February 2

The most amazing and powerful commercial I ever watch! Watch it and you know!

Recently I'm had ache on my mouth due to many fun and laughters always in the office. We are seem so close and having so much fun with all the lame crap jokes which make the relationship even better. It is not just about the gossip when we had our topic, it include more than that. Everyone is harmless and neutral on how we look. Sometimes, we just got to let go by crapping non stop. Every time after the lunch, automatically my body will feel so shag! Due to overdose of laugh! LOL.... This is dreadful! Haha...

No matter what... cool is the word.

Met up with Kelvin yesterday (finally), and of course he gave my gf and me a treat at sushi. He is a guy that put lot of trust on me and of course he is out of no harm. He did look kinda sloppy at times but he is a person that went all way through. Everyone want to earn and have a good life, but all these are hard work. Don't give up is the main word. We discussed most of the things and get what we want and hopefully all these will move off step by step. Patience is another word to the success. First, the main problem that I am facing of: a domain that I wanted to have... not those name domain but a proper company name domain. I shan't say much how it goes. Only hope that everything will take off easily and smooth. *finger cross*

At the same time, I promised him for his pal wedding and now, awaiting for more information given. It's been settled and will be on April. This mth, cousin wedding as 2nd photographer and might have other income job. So, I gotta rush my stuff in office first then I can take leave in case there's job on weekday. Unforeseen circumstances will occurred.

I tried to find GTA-LCS UMD which is unpatch but there's no news at all. Look like most of the UMD which is unpatch had been sold off and they don't carry old version. Moreover, there are a lot of ppl willingly to pay a high price for a UMD due to the ability of downgrading the PSP v3.03. I bet the price will be up till $200+. Someone even offered to get it at $150 when I asked from the shop. This is not a legal game, it is actually a Banned game in Singapore as it contain much of violent and etc. Luckily I got the PS 2 game as I can enjoy it. Not a bad game thou. Let's hope that the new downgrader team able to find another way of downgrading the PSP.

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