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Tuesday, February 13

I am still feeling sleepy despite of having 7hr of rest! Haha.. Anyway, I wanted to sleep earlier but due to folding of Red Heart for Wanting birthday, I stayed up until 12.30am before I head toward my bed!

Initially, all of us in the office do not know what to give to Wanting and thought that voucher is practically useless as it carry no much meaning. Suddenly I thought of 5 x $2 in a red packet and give it to her but Mariam sent the email faster than me! She mentioned of having the $2 note fold in the heart shape and I told Mag that it was almost the same idea I thought of! So I kinda been playful and say we shall put the $2 in the red packet and fold it into the heart shape! Hahaha. Next, manager SM emailed and approved! haha.. Mariam, Alex and me were joking that we shouldn't crap such a silly idea. But in fact everyone really did their part! As for some who didn't know how to fold will had to approach SM for crash course but it didn't take place at all! haha.

In the end, few of us tried to help out by folding for them. Alex been a boo boo by saying he managed to fold the heart and said he is gay! haha.. And he said:

"A wise old origami master once said:
It's the journey, not the destination that matters.
So remember it's always the thought and the effort that counts.
And we all care for Wan Ting aka Wanzhen equally don't we?

By pointing that quote with the self proclaim master, I emailed back and kinda sabo him back by saying he should help the rest of us to do the folding of the heart! This is so funny that everyone kept bombing him non stop! Even when the director came over and said he is BIG MOUTH! hahaha

So in the end, we did helped each other by folding it, some on the paper note and for those $2 in plastic will be in the red packet and fold it. I shall see how it goes later on. Will be taking more photos later on. Hehe.. Damn it, while reading the email, and blogging Wanting suddenly came over and I guess she kinda found out! Argh! And ain't sure who place the Card on Keith's table... I guess... this is really MORE OR LESS!!! haha

A bad news for myself as the merging of CX and KA had came to the decision of terminating part of the unpresented programmes from KA which mean less money earn but lighten workload. Sad to say bye bye to my favourite Rock Greats and Chill Out music which I had been trying damn hard to promote it. This is kinda sad cum happy news. LOL.

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