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Friday, February 16

Everyone is either having off day, half day off and even 3hrs TIME OFF!!!! But!!! Us?? Nothing at all. :( This is so sad that we do not get to have much benefit at all! There's no ang pow for us as well! This is so depressing! Even when we sound out, the answer will be.. how about the production going on? Sigh... But... ain't we all human?? We deserve a break after slogging so much for this company. This is really so sad!!! And really sad!!!

But then again, luckily with all the good coll around, we decided to self declare ourselves a little break later on by having some talk and snack. It is illegal but who cares?! haha... Finger cross thou...

Now, Im Qcing the music using the speaker as earlier on I got a electrical shock on my left ear! OMFG! Previously I got it on my right ear twice and this time!! Ha... Oh mine! Its a sharp shock thou! I tried to plug via from the computer to my handphone but it failed. Suspect a break on the cable. I guessed that I need to source out for some cable and connectors and solder on my own so that I need not to connect it from the DAT player. The reason we are still using DAT player is due to checking of sound level. I guess I had to search for a way to get the headphone jack connected from the computer and at the meantime we can check the signal too. Look like all of us were too get used to DAT player for signal checking. Got to check thru the net and asking for more information via AudioPioneer forum. Hoping to get the solution solved. So in near future, no more DAT player will be use in case all the DAT player die off. But we still got to have the DAT player lest we still receiving DAT from our presenter.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. Wish everyone had the fat piggy wealth year. Everything is going smooth now... I am dilemma about the new lense or a new system. Reason is not because of changing for a shoot but for the need. Many ppl do not understand why I need it. I wanna get it out right of what I want. I do not wish to jeopardise the entire shoot project and I stress again that this is a huge project. Some may use a normal DSLR to settle what he want because he believe on producing everything from the Photoshop. It may be right but somehow or rather, its best to get close to what you get from the RAW then you Photoshop till you drop dead which I do not want to spend most of the time on that. This is a tedious job. Yes, S3pro is a good camera but I am worried about the lense range of what I am holding. Lense differ alot from the output too. Likewise for camera too. If not, why is there a MF company still producing MF for absolute output. Why must one stay on their own DSLR world? Megapixel is one thing you have to see and also the color.

Even with RAW photos you got from the camera, still processing is not inevitable. But output again is different. I know what kind of shoot I want from the entire project. I got the idea coming in non stop which I want to work towards it. Now, the chance is smiling at me to do it. I got a good feeling for the future and I dare not to fuck up this project. You invest on one project doesn't mean there's a full stop. Word of mouth is then been pass around... So, the investment got to make it right. I had to do the calculation on profit and lossess. Not to forget part of the stuff which goes for rental. Many ppl thought that once I got the project, I will tend to spend everything on the equipment. But I would like to say that, I got to balance it. I got the cash to pay and not because I cannot afford. I leaving these for my own wedding. I wouldn't be stupid enough to spend everything one shot without a thought. Why does ppl tend to judge me by one sentences and determine thats it? Isn't that weird or rather I gave such a wrong impression to ppl?

If the camera output isn't important, why does client engage you to shoot for a huge project? Yes, a pro is a pro that able to use any shit equipment for the job. I said it:"PRO". If the client didn't see it, no one know what the pro did! If not, the market will flood with ppl using a prosumer Compact cam and shoot. By then, the photographing business will drop tremenously. So, you judge by yourself. Will you take a compact for a 10K job? You name it. I seriously won't do that even thou the cam can do wonders. I can't explain why but my feeling is strong. I know that judging by feeling isn't right but I believe in myself. Trust me.

I am just wondering shall I pour on a new sys or don't. Its the difference of Full Frame and 1.3crop factor, Bokeh etc. If someone gonna tell me why need such a camera, I will definetly say why he got this cam then? I wouldn't want to hear things like depreciation and you can cover the cost. The thing is, why you need? Before saying someone, you got to say the answer that why you need. I began to put in the 2 factors: Need and Want. S3 produce 12MP but interpolated and Canon 5D don't. I got a feeling Canon can give me stuff that I want. Hmm.. look like I should consider it seriously before I pour on it. If not, I can still use my cam but seriously I need a better lense.

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