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Thursday, January 11

Make me so pissed knowing that I cannot edit my post after I publish my blog. What is going on to the Blogger side? They still haben found the bug out from the blogger yet? This is getting irritating... of course, I am not the only one complaining about it. I searched everywhere for the cause of it and there are victims fall into the same ship as me.

I shall cut it short.

1st: I am happy to see one of my first photographing project coming soon for the year of 2007. Anticipating.

2nd: I finally downgraded my PSP with the firmware of 2.71 which is a TA-082 board. Initially, with this board, you get nowhere but Dark Alex finally cracked it for the rest of us and everyone is very grateful! With the installer, I got it from v2.71 to v1.50. After which, I got v1.50 to 3.02OE-A and upgraded to 3.02 OE-B. Such a reliable source I got from the net, I searched furthermore and got to know new release was 3.03 OE-A', hence I tried to upgrade to OE-A'. But, before heading up to that version, I had to do the upgrading to 3.03OE-A first then OE-A'. Today, I upgraded again to 3.03OE-B. FYI, OE stand for Open Edition. Without using devhook, you can launch your .iso games from Game without rebooting. This is because this OE version is the combined with devhook. The only thing I still can't play was the homebrew games like Nintendo, Gameboy Advance/Color etc. This version also enable you to play PS1 games and stability for your video.

3rd: I be will receiving my computer table this Saturday and I am very excited about it! Finally a real home studio is coming up!

4th: Tried doing D&B but failed because Vortex said it doesn't sound close enough. Will be pushing him to do production with me.

5th: Will be pushing myself to shoot more photos and learn more.

6th: Saw my Sister Actual Day album and by surprise that turn out wasn't as marvellous as what I thought so.

7th: I broke my house chair and I blamed the poor workmanship. I can never trust the wooden chair... I missed the sofa still... sigh... But, I was blamed for been too fat.

That's all I wanted to blog. Hope that the blogger is up and alive again... I miss my editing part. :(

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