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Tuesday, January 30

Im wondering am I living in Singapore! Haha.. recently the wind is so strong and cold at night which it is so unlikely! Hmm.. The change of weather seem to tell us something... is that the end of the world or what? What is the real cause of the many disaster? Fret not, even we had to die, we all do. So, live with happiness and do what you can lest you live with regret. This had been reflect million times to alot of ppl when they released their love ones had gone. One of the Taiwanese Star had met a mishap and die in car accident after 43hrs long of saving her life. Due to huge lost of blood, she is announced dead after the doctors had tried their very best. Of course, this brought alot of sad news about this Taiwanese Star, Xu Wei Lun.

Read the article about her fav number 28

God bless you.

Happened at the same time I found my graphic card cannot support Mac Cinema Display Resolution. There are about 300 reso apart, hence am relieved not to spend the money recently. But due to over spend on CC bills, I had nothing to spare this mth. My table and HDD are the items that killed me last mth. Dreadful mth for me. Hoping that after Chinese New Year, good piggy is smiling at me by receiving more jobs from anywhere. Will be trying hard for the music composing and do my best to train up on both guitar and piano. I don't want to regret in life that I never got the guts to send the demo out to Labels. Hoping for the best of everything.

The other things which I am happy of, my PSP! I had officially upgraded to Firmware 3.03OE-C! Struggled for 2 days and kept giving me error what happen to it and finally spot out the reason why! Memory stick not enough space thus, error occured flash0. haha..

Now, v2.81 is officially been cracked by using one of the unpacked GTA-LCS UMD! Of course, you need to find it hard for the old UMD ard the region. You need to get it to Sony firmware of v3.03 in order to do it. As for my pal holding v2.71, I found another downgrader for her as well.. all depend whether she want to do it or not. Seem like I enjoying helping ppl to do it... Now, since v2.81 is able to use, I bet lots of ppl will be getting it due to the wonderful color from the PSP! Of course, the search for unpacked GTA-LCS will be hard. ;)

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