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Sunday, December 24

Well... what can I say for today? I aint sure what is the stuff I want to blog about. Anyway, I felt that days gone by each day with kind of meaningless and there's like nothing for me to blog abt. All I feel a weird feeling: Things is going nice and well now.

After I got my back PSP, I kinda got addicted with one of the game now, which is The Godfather, Mob Wars. This game is been taken out from the show, The Godfather. How real, fact is it from the show, I had no idea and I got the intention to get it! Hee. I know Keith got it but I think that will take a VERY long time! Because now, since I got addicted to the game, why not get addicted to the classic show?! Haha

The game is pretty simple. A chap dad is one of the triad member who got killed by enemy. He will revenge when he grew up and he is unable to fight due to young age and also been stopped by his dad's boss. As years gone by, the chap mom went to see her late husband boss and required him to protect her son and guide me along. The boss is The Godfather. Thus, Godfather sent his man to train the chap from fighting to holding gun. Not only that, the move to extortion for more turf. Blood sence is everywhere and vuglar is heard. Great game but not suitable for kids.

From there, the chap can move from outsider to enforcer and now, the rank Im holding is associate. Still way below. Beside completing the mission, you got to control more turf by sending your mobster to defend. And also, respect is one of it you got to earn and also use money to train your mobster. They various alot and they will get promotion as well. End of the game, you Must be DON OF NEW YORK. Im working hard and simply addicted to it! Now, I shall move my ass to continue the mission, BOMB enemy turf!

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