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Friday, December 29

In few hour time, I be off from Singapore to Thailand with my entire family! This is one of the joyous part of life I ever had! Finally, all of us can go on trip away from Singapore via airplane. Of course, I can see the anxious face from them as this is their first time ever taking the plane. LOL. They kept telling us that they always gone to airport to 'take' the plane which is just see. hehe..

Today is my office final working day of 2006 and of course, everyone is on cloud nine. During our Audio Meeting, Sandy came in and gave everyone of us a cup of champagne! Of course, Mariam and Norimah got the Orange Juice instead. Fun and laughter during meeting is indeed damn fun and we were discussing more of the leisure part then more serious stuff.

After I knocked off at 4pm which I took 2hr time off from office, my girl and me went to UOB Plaza to get the UOI claim form. However, they are closed but as we seen quite a few of the ppl were standing at the door asking help from the Cisco Police Officer and we went ahead to get the form. I really need to thank the Officer running up and down for us to get the information regarding the UOI insurance claim form, but there's no form us at all and were told that we had to go to the website and get the things done. So, I guess the rest of the stuff had to be done after we get back from Thailand. Woot!

Next, both of us went to Bugis for a short walk before heading up to Keypoint to select my writing table! Finally, much of hesitation, I got what I want. Eventually, I got the one which is straight and square cut then those fanciful shape which might even cost a lot more. Since the table is put near the wall, there's no need for me to get another type of shape. I can jolly well add in corner if I want to. This is what I love most from Wilsin. As Gracie is busy attending other stuff, she got another staff, Hui Qin, to entertain us instead. Of course she is courtesy and even help me giving ideas. In the end, I got the table at just $377 after the discount. The L shape (Universal) with the cabinet and metal modesty panel cost $800+. As I had chosen the standard table without the modesty panel, it cost way lower until $377. Imagine that the panel cost $125! Oh yah, no keyboard drawer as I prefer it to be on the table. The price of the 1.6m and 1.8m isn't big, thus I chosen 1.8m! LOL

After the selecting of the table, I chosen the chair which I can lay on the back and relax it even more if I push the back even more. I can adjust different back posture if I want to, which there's different lock. There's another one similar but only one lock which is the lowest for ur back and straight up. I got myself the medium type which the height is up to my shoulder. I can even choose color for the back and seat which is Golden Grey and Desert Orange. Nice combination. That chair cost almost the same price as my table, but after the discount, it cost $282. It worth of every single penny to get a good table and a stable chair which carry the warranty for 3 years. I can't see myself getting chair from Ikea, Courts etc as I do not fancy it much until I lay my eyes at Wilsin product. I am not their spokesman or whatever so just rather happy with what I got. You show try to check out their website for more information. I got the FW series.

Next, I would like to apologise to whoever that I step on their tail. Let bygones be bygones. I am not here to make enemy unless you are the one who bastard me out first. Since 2007 is coming, I would like to concentrate more on other stuff like Photographing and Music. Chris, if you reading, I apologize of what I said previously. Answer me from the MSN if you can. LOL.. Cheers. I hold no against you thou.

Next year, everything will be on for my full production when I got my 500gb HDD and make my entire computer neat and tidy especially the samples which I got from. I be working along with Vortex for some tune and do check it out!

I be working on some demo for music which mean, practise well on guitar and piano first! And do more chill out music to feature at my friend site and my program for Inflight Entertainment too. Im looking out for more ChillOut work! I be glad to receive your work!

Ok, enough of saying, gotta go and do my itinerary before I go to back. Need to wake up at 4.30am or so. Enough of rest tonight and CHEERS!


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