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Wednesday, December 13


I had this cock condom head on me and I think I freaking look SO STUPID on it!

I had this cock condom head on me and I think I freaking look SO STUPID on it!

This is one of the gross image I ever had.. I freaking just hate it to core. Furthermore, this is to make sure these hair will be bleach off... So... hard work and patience will pay off...

Kaoz.... disgusting man

I had this going for 3 times.. and each time is about 20min... I cant rem as i didnt calculate the timing. Damn that this is boring...

So, after 3 times of bleaching.... this is the out come... This is so weird right? Why does it appear yellowish gold then white??? Hmm.. I still can't understand why though....

After the procedure, it will be dying session... So, it will be another round of waiting... the rotatory heater will make the dye go onto my hair faster. Now, it does look like Halo! LOL

I didn't had short hair cut this time but trim. So, this is the outcome.. Great? Too bad the color isn't obvious enough.

This is kinda vain but who cares. I'm just sharing haha.. To be frank, I like this haircut, color, style a lot. Compare to the past, I always had short hair and it is so monotonous... In fact, everyone said it does look nice on me. I shall have the exact color show to you soon. Because it is so obvious then before.

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