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Wednesday, November 22

Just feel like blogging some crap things. Wanted to buy PSP yesterday but somehow I hold it back for dunno what reason. PSP, be it white or black fall on the same price, $325 for V1.5. And adding on with the 4gb mem stick will give you ard $430? And not to forget abt the crystal casing with some minimal accessories costing $35. Buying together might get some good deals. But I walked off from that shop after finding out the price. Aint sure what's holding me back.

Look like the Xbobx360 price is pretty standard, $699. Forgotten to ask whether if there's any modification or not. Hmm... Look like the shop I went to at certain place is good. I saw it once but didnt ask it at all. And for the steering wheel, $99. Wondering so much.

Anyway, I didn't buy it at all.

This coming saturday needed to go meet client for some discussion. I aint sure what am I gonna talk but to appear with my dude who recommend the job for me. And Im greatly appreciate it alot. Hoping that this job allow me to pay him for the great nice webby. I wanted a pure normal looking website, but I felt that look good is very important. Because to certain client, the first impression is always in their mind and to determine this joker mean business or not.

If you look at some normal webby, but the gallery flash is kinda shared around everywhere, how would the client feel? Some ppl will tell me, who cares if you got a good site when the client wanted to look at ur works only. But the important thing is still the first image to client, feel comfortable is the first pyschology to attack.

Spending of money is really painful in heart but struggle first to bait the big fish. Of course, portfolio is one thing Im lacking of. In design field, I aint sure how right I am, but if the website look good, it will eventually make ur photo look good too. I shan't say Im totally right, but this is just my thought. :)

Hoping for good thing fall on me.

Oh yah.. for my JP8000 lying at Swee Lee currently fallen into big sick. After the changing of capacitor, the guy found out one of the component is causing the sound not to transmit out. And he need to get the quotation first before informing me whether I want him to go ahead. If I nod, this thing got to be import to Singapore. This is pure baby for the godfather syth, I can't let anything be spoilt. It can still fetch good price! Swee Lee is still selling at $2300. Haha..

Anyway, Swee Lee now had 0% instalment! Only for Diners and UOB cardholder! Hurray! I can finally buy a guitar from there using instalment. Got to check out whats the min price for the instalment. Hehe.. Guitar, amp, cable, distortion pad. Hmm... I kinda like Full Hollow Guitar. Hehe

This Cambridge Audio amplifier is the one Im aiming for! Great sounding! Sim Lim Square is selling at $680.. Addicted!!!!

Oh Yah!

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