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Thursday, November 23

I still got the ultra disturbant in my mind after I watch the tv show on Central, Taboo.

There are 2 scene that indeed cause me to have huge deep moment. I cannot say the show sucks or not but it is good to showcase abt the how other ppl live in another world. No idea what country they belong to and there are this 1 tribe which the girls need to get whipped by the guys.

During the ritual, the girl will dance infront of the guy who is holding a long thing branch. Next, the guy will whip them where the end part will spilt off the skin seeing the blood coming out at the girl's back.

The girls did not shouted in pain and yet been desperate to ask for more. If they are not whipped, they are not a woman and they will commit suicide. Can you imagine yourself been whipped by the guys and your back are full of swollen scar forever? This is not so gross for the 2nd part that I watched.

It crept me up till I cant stand it. THIS IS FUCKING DISGUSTING!

Guys need to be a real mean as a leader so they have to go through a BLOODY RITUAL.

First, the guys applied some thing on their body before they dip their body in the river over night.

Their ancestor want to be as fierce and strong as a crocodile, thus they want their skin to look like one.

After the soaking session, the tribesman entered the Spirit House where the BLOODY RITUAL take place. Their family members were crying non stop as they know, this might cause death. I shall explain further more to let you understand more. It just so disgusting and horrifying.

The uncle sat down in the tribe house holding on their nephew as the ritual begun. Different age of guys want to be a real MAN who can lead. Old man and as young as just a kid.

While they lie down, one of the tribe cutter took a razor out and began to cut their SKIN! This ritual is a most painful, disgusting, horrifying scene ever! They started but cut the skin deep on their body which is abt 0.5 -1cm deep! From nipple to their tummy. There's a pattern to follow which is one vertical line about 2 cm long in 3 row. Just imagine the crocodile skin!

Next, after the front part, they cut the back portion from shouldner all the way down to the butt! Left and right with about 3-4 rows. One by one cutting faster and non stop. Blood were seen everywhere and the guys were groaning in pain and cried! You may see them kinda faint but they will feel the fucking pain! OMFG! Please.... As the blood flow, part of the body were covered and then they have to use hand to clear the blood and continue the cut. Imagine, the part had been cut and yet using hand to clear the blood? HOW PAINFUL!!!!!

After the ceremony had done, the guys were carry out to CLEAN THEIR GOD DAMN BLOODY BODY! They use water and sponge to clear the blood away! They even use sponge to rub it, even with slight touch, it KILL like hell! Water been poured down to clear the blood.. HOW freaking painful!!!!!! The guys just cant stand the damn pain afterall!

Next, once their body had been washed, the ppl in the ritual will have a huge brush to paint the wound which contain some bateria to make the wound even BIGGER! Over this had been done, they also use FEATHER to make sure every single wound had been applied with the paint! HOW PAINFUL!!! Can you imagine urself having paper cut? It kill with the most irritating feeling... lest you should imagine been cut from top to bottom!

After the next few days, this is not finish, they have to clean non stop at the river to make sure the wound is cure with a hump and not close up. This is to make sure the proper procedure had been follow and proven they are men! GOD....

After that, the guys will wear some sort of ritual ceremony clothing to announce them as real MEN. The girls will then look at their wound.. study them...

Different tribe had different tradition... this is so... one of the ... man..

A good show that make me sick but to gain alot of experience... somemore, you see guys and gals been naked... this is not a porn show, but to let ppl understand that this is how their tribe live with it...

Man... i feel so small and crowded and trembling when i type this blog imagine the entire show last night... god....

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