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Thursday, October 26

Thanks Yukun for playing my music last night at LUSH995, Private Reserve. Tracklist is found here. Show 29.

Brat that I missed that as Im busy with some other stuff! Argh!

Currently, things are smooth and seamless. No up and down. Opportunity come and goes. Planning for big things, but everything is time. And not to forget, money. Without that, you are doom. There's idea coming up, but somehow, lack of manpower and capital which make the path even more rocky.

I asked various ppl for more opportunity but its either low pay and no job. Its the same anyway. Nothing much you can ask for with such a society. The industry is ok but not as wide as other country. With the strict laws tighten us up, there's no room of improvise and let alone of courage.

Go for it or stay put? Never go, you are stucked in a cage like an animal where you are been spoon fed always.

Never ask for more when you had no idea and reputation. Building up is one thing that is ultimately imptnt.

I saw R1 posting everywhere, craving and no idea how/when can I get it. Time will tell.

Gotta thanks my pal as... I forgotten abt the name of his.

Cafe del Mar is opening but alot are confused of the location. Dempsey and Siloso Beach. Which is true? I can say, both. One is Cafe, and other is club. Cafe at the Siloso Beach. And the other, club at dempsey. Why? Cater for different group of ppl and spenders. Its up to each and individual. Outcome? Aint sure. Awaiting for the great news.

Gharment. Strong and yet protective to their own kids. Why? Normal Citicen get punished for writing sumting not nice in private blog. Then, what is private blog? Fine and punished or even jail. For big shot children? Scolded, reprimanded. Thats all. U call that fair? Whats fair to others? Just because a big shot doesnt mean you can protect. How does the rest react towards such situation? Calling ppl cannot take harsh comments? Oh dear? If you can take it, why do you ppl need to sue the rest? Contradict? Whose' fault then?

Weird of world we living.

Public transport. Claiming improvise. But bus still come late. Why? Whats wrong? Why is the bus dirty? Why we paying more and get less bus and yet dirty bus? Aircon too cold, too hot for each and everyone. The aircon on top of the seat cannot be adjust to close due to vandalism. Why? Couple of mths or even years. Same thing happen. Where our money goes to? Weird right?

Why claim big boss take public tpt in japan and yet our big shot still need to be chauffuer ard? Isnt that contradict to all of us and also feel so confusing???? Alamak.. wake up leh

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