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Thursday, October 19

Compromise is the word for all couples. There are always no one person winning afterall. There's profit and loss thou. When 2 can't even come to a conclusion, whats the whole point in the end? Unless the person is from the village and always say yes to you. Aint they obedient? LOL.

Time changes, thinking is also different from the past. Is it due to one get fed up with the society and wanna stand up and fight for it or rather, the education? Weird, isnt it?

Anyway, we compromise with each other. Happy and also look forward. Be independent and be urself. Smille forward and never hold the grudges. Whats the point.

My dear point out something good. 1 household gave $60/mth for conservancy services. 100 hsehold = 6K. Entire area will give you few Ks. Blangah live where? Chute. What they do? hmm... How much were they paid for? Now, this is the real qtn, where did the money go to? Oh...investment lor... then they keep for themselves. Then benefits come, they happy. Overloaded, share with the citizen. Then only 4rm and below entitled to have. 5rm and above, get lost.

Why so many ppl go for 5rm and exec, or even a condo? Lookin at the 4rm flat... omfg.. small small small! Thats what I gotta say! That make us go for a bigger place. Then what, we are not entitled for! Thats the whole point man! Simple huh! LOL.... We living in the world of... erm.. daylight robbery? clean Koruption? Haha..

We seem the flat various area ytd, despite of my poor sprained ankle. Small flat! Fuck!

Here's the situation. Wanna cheaper from gharment or you wanna easily accessible to anywhere? Good qtn huh. Total sum, new hse is better and after few years then you get a par. In future, the land beside the current housing, will be having new flat. When? Dunno. But its a damn good piece of huge land. LOL.... money roll in again wor.

Thanks to sdgal letting me seeing her hse after years of not meeting up. Im so embrass of myself when I wanna go up last min. Haha.. Congrat her 8 mth pregnancy! Hehe...

Oh.. passed class 2. Nervous in the morning as the very first test is to push the bike down from main stand and then put it on floor and then push up, go for a figure 8 and then park with main stand once again.

I got number 8 and a good one. I pushed down the bike and lost control for dunno what fuck reason. Pillon pedal hooked onto my jean. And, then bike dropped towards me. I tot Im fucked this time coz 2 testers looking at me. Though it dropped towards me, my hand was holding onto the handle bar so I wasnt disqualified! haha.. but when it dropped, my left leg was straightened and prevent myself from falling so my ankle locked me up. But with that lock, I got an injury! haha..

I was nervous when I go to the tester and say my NRIC and next min, he say go! WAHLAN! HENG! The ppl said, Im heng like shit! PHEW!

During the test, I met some stupid situation like the instructors and learners walking slowly on the road and make me cant move off. And, my S course was wobbling with stupid controlling of the throttle. And lastly, I was abt to stop when the traffic light turn green. haha...

Guess... I was too excited and cant think of anything when I reaches bumpy course. I go fast as the confident level of mine wasnt that high. For narrow plank, I almost fell off as the tester looking at me damn carefully. The best way to control is, knowing that you gonna fall, throttle up and move abit faster and rear brake it. haha..

After the test had finished, I went to sit down at the information counter as 1hr 15min later, all of the testees had to report to the classroom for result. Overall, I tot I might fail. But might pass as no IF at all. Phew. Haha..

I remembered seeing a malay girl, look nice thou the day our test , which is Sunday. I had my first practise after so many days of not practising it. Before the test started, there's warmup session too so, at least Im warm up and then able to ride confidently. Oh, abt the girl. She look abit like chinese thus make me wanna see her to clarify. Haha.. She shy away thou. But I did told my ger abt it. haha... She isnt jealous abt it because I love to see at ppl. Even guys.. Im not a bi ok! Haha

Anyway, while waiting, seeing the tv at the BBDC counter, there's footage of instructors going overseas for training. Wonderful. Then, I heard a girl cried so bitterly as if she just broke off! End up, after hearing a guy consolling her, she just failed her car TP. Thats all! LOL..

Time's up to report to classroom. Waiting with nervous feeling and trembling on my hand and feeling cold feet. This goes to alot of ppl on that day too! haha. Tester come in one by one! Unlike in the past, 1 tester announced the failers! Tmd... make everyone wanna pee! haha.. Fortunately, I passed! Alot of ppl got at least a 8 demerit points! One of the guy smiled with 4 demerit points! Hah.. While I saw mine.. WO!!!! 2 demerits points! Incorrect posture only! Hmm! Wonderful! haha Clever huh!

After that, went to TP counter to change the license back as to add in Class 2! Haha.. Thinking of Class 4 and 5 then go back to TP and renew the entire license with all the classes printed on it. Haha..

Smooth now? I hope so. Saturday my sis hse warming session. Great great great! FOOD!

Oh.. signed PAL with Jason.. hehe.. :op

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