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Thursday, September 21

Incredible game that Keith had passed me in office. It was said that if you can beat after 18sec, you are brillant and also, it was said that US Air Force Pilot can do it for 2min! Wow..

Destress game huh! LOL

Anyway, I guessed Im in love again.... this time... Yamaha R1 and Suzuki GSX1000. Brat, my friend who owned a Ducati 916 is upgradin to R1! Yummy and he forever showing me photos of these sportbike.. oh mine....

Whats my wish then.... I hope to have a sport bike of either R1 or GSX1000 and then Fazer1000. Hehe... Seem like I prefer Yamaha more...

Yamaha R1

Suzuki GSX R 1000

My friend also told me that his pal got a new Fazer which had the weird looking pipe but with the face of the monster! Up till now I still didnt see it on road.. thats pretty weird! WOW!!!

Fazer 1000

And not to forget that I hoped to own a Subaru Impreza... hehe.. No WRX but at least a normal type. Wondering shall I join the Class 95 Subaru WRX challenge on Nov which got to stand there and place ur palm on the designated print on the car. Last man win! hehe..

Anyway, today is disaster for me because I deleted the program off without backing it up! Damn it! And futhermore, on the DVD I had backup is not the correct filename! OMG! It was another program that had been backup and luckily I store it in DVD. How can I make such a huge mistake by having the stuff backup and never write it down the correct filename and end up wrote another. Whats up with my brain todae.. hm..

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