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Thursday, August 24

I'll be glad if someone can explain to me how to use flock browser, as in how can I do the link up of photo to my blog? While I clicked on BLOG THIS, it prompt me to key in my stuff and I did.

But, not only it ask me for the API, it doesnt move after I key in the Userid and Password of mine there on Flock. Weird right? If this will be easy, of course I do not need to copy paste the entire url and do those html coding on my blog. Or either had to upload photos from blogger.

I remembered using that to upload more then 1 photos, it didnt show the html code at all! It's lost somehow. Damn weird huh! And beside, once I upload the photos, forever it is shown at the first sentences and I had to manually cut and paste the entire html code to the last sentences and continue it.

Funny right? Or, am I doing the wrong thing after all? Someone, if you know, guide me man.

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