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Sunday, August 20

I had del my previous post for the pixelate photos which I can't stand it totally, hence I be resizing it again.

Now I gotta resize it using Photoshop which is the best among all then using those batch resizing program as it not only degrade the photos, it almost make the photos ugly. I can't stand it so Im going to redo it.

Luckily Im feeling real fine now compared to yesterday as if the vein is been pressed.

Now, Im still thinking which guitar to buy. LOL... James recommend me the APX5NA which is damn good. Its good to grab it and the neck is kinda thin so, the feeling is good. At the same time, I can do recording for that so, now Im kinda blur which to get. Maybe a cheapo will do. I remembered seeing one at Tampines Mall Yamaha Music Plaza which its on sale ard $200+.

This is what James recommend.

I met Calvin Nam at Music plaza yesterday as he is working there and also one of my clubbing pal back then where I met him over TranceRepublic. He recommend me to get a pure Classical guitar CG 171 and saying that for a long term basis, this is fine and he took this guitar which cost ard $600. Look great. Don't you think so?

This is what Calvin recommend.

Contradict.. haha

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