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Wednesday, August 30

I had been told that if some of the ppl were using Flock as your browser and wanted to use BLOG THIS to your might not work due to the Beta version.

Currently Flock is having some discussion with Blogger due to the beta version which led to alot of blogger can't blog it using the Flock browser especially with the great feature of BLOG THIS.

Im hoping for the best that this will solve soon so that everyone will be happy using both Blogger and Flock. For pple who are using blogger, pls do not attempt to use the beta version as been told by the ppl in the forum everywhere. Lets pray for the best.

I emailed Flock for the reason of this matter and to my surprise that they were quite efficient! I was told not to upgrade with I had not and currently Blogger uses different API and does not allow Flock to work with them due to the bug. Thats the big issue now.

This issue had been raised at forum too. Alot of them wanted to use the beauty feature of Blog This but failed due to such problem laying around. I would like to thanks Flock and Flickr for letting me understand so much even though I do not know the real cause.

In fact, Im still using the old Blogger and still does not allow me to do the same thing on Flock. So, fret not if you happen to have such situation occur.

Currently awaiting for DI.FM reply as I email regarding to the song of mine. I spoke to Leng, whom is a friend of mine as he had his song been played at DI.FM too, and told me they will reply in a week time or so. Patient is the word.

And also, I trying to finish up the latest song I just did. Daniel gave me some of the comments that its alil repetition which I felt is true. Im thinking of making the melody with more variation which suit the mood. A proper arrangement too. Currently the entire foundation is there, just need to tweak around with the sound and arrangement only.


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