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Monday, August 28

I believe that one should not be too greedy upon passing the stage while learning motor. I finally passed my bumpy course on Saturday morning which is the earliest session. I was so god damn happy that I booked for the next lesson on Sunday.

By looking at the demerit points I got, I should have passed but, because of my narrow plank and pylon, I had 2 Immediate Failure. I lost balance while on narrow plank and roll off and for the pylon, well, I hit on it. So, thats the course.

For S course, I had poor timing too. So, overall, 16 demerit points with 2 IF. But nevertheless, I shall go for another assessment, hoping I will pass it well. 2 other guys with me also failed too due to points. Im the only person with Class 2 and also know the test route well enough.

I hope that malay guy is ok because he skipped on E brake as he tapped on rear brake quite hard. Luckily, he escaped with no any serious injured but only phobia in mind. I had 7sec for bumpy course and luckily I went thru quite well. So long, there's no IF , Im ok with it during TP test. So, the rest, I have to do it nicely.

I simply cant went thru well enough on narrow plank and S course due to wrist injury which I got it the previous day. I remembered that JJ send me to Bukit Batok Heavy Vehicle Park to get the bike as my dad is not back home yet. So, I had to travel there to get it.

While I got the bike, we wanted to go to AYE and because the road I am at doesnt let me go out and make a right turn, so, I attempt to travel back and make a sharp U turn with a inverted V. Because of the sharp U turn with a slope, I began to lose my balancing due to partly of the turning point is too slant and the bike began to fall to the left side.

The bike is pretty ok except for the foot pad went haywire. The pillon foot pad was kinda slant and I use my foot to press it back.

While reaching Marine Square where I meeting my dear and her coll, I examine the bike. Damn it of the slant which cause alittle crack on the metal. I began to think that this metal is useless man.

I had to lie to my mom that the bike was pushed down and cause that to crack. End up, I didnt tell my dad about it. I told her that the bike is ok except that.

Anyway, putting my mind at ease, all of us went to Yuki Yaki for buffet session. It was like Seoul Garden which you had to cook on your own. Pretty nice food thou.

After that, we asked for ice cream too which was added to another 30min. Haa.. so, it means, no ice cream give you 2hr to eat which is more the enough. Its interesting thou. When we finish eating, the crew member came and wash the hotplate by covering it using a cover. Then we heard steam in there and all of us were threatening each other by opening it to one direction. lol

After when it's ok, the crew opened the cover and to my curiousity, I began to ask where the water came from. Haa.. Im kinda irritated the crew. Haha. End up by observing it halfway, another crew which is a girl had to take over the guy. And we began to ask stupid question and also at the same time observe where the water came from and where it was drained.

Interesting to me as they had to turn on the hotplate to cold which making the plate to be cold enough to let us 'cook/fried' the ice cream. Its easy, by pouring the liquid form which in the cup to the plate, by some chemical effect as I do not know how to explain, it began like a ice cream! If you wan half frozen ice cream, do not put on the plate for too long and if wanted to have frozen ice cream, let it stay there but we have to 'fry' it. Hee..

As the plate is too cold, the top layer on the player will form an ice which we have to scrub it off to pour the liquid in. Its amazing to do it! Tough and cool! Im kinda amused myself and the manager was looking at me doing it which make him wanna guide us even more. Im perfectly correct! Haha... But he gave us pointers too.

At that time, we had 5 ppl eating and Ken had to leave to somewhere else so, he didnt ate the ice cream with us, so my dear told the crew memer and he changed from 5 ppl to 4 ppl and it mean... the charging was 4 ppl only! haha.. ok.. :p

We didnt know until we leave the counter, ok?

Anyway, its a splendid meal at Yuki Yaki @ Marina Square.

All my photos are in Flickr

Anyway this is what we ate at Kenny Rogers. Yummy

We didnt forget to pose abit too. lol

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