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Friday, August 18

I began to hate and can't even stand a person who like to push the blame/ stuff to others. When I asked the thing from someone, he nodded and said yes. Later on, he told me to call someone else for that and say sorry. Im like... what? Can't you even just confirm everything at first then say ok ok and as a result making ppl pissed off?

It's either you or another. I mean by calling later on, and do not mean by this week.. What the hell. Here I helping you, n yet I got such a lousy business from you? Irregardless if its friend or not, I wouldnt even stand such an attitude towards work.

It's a NO NO NO for such attitude. And I can say I can't stand it all. Haiz... why ppl are just like that.

Im not been too sensitive.. Im afraid been scolded or rather I had too many bad experience from the others. To think why I trusted ppl so much and as in the end, I got shit out from them.

I explained further on, and I got offline from the person. What the hell... damn you. If I do not get pissed in regard for such things, would you ever understand whats the attitude towards business? Damn, hell no. I do not expect a VIP treatment, but at least I want a good attitude towards the business. SIGH!

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