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Monday, July 3

Wishing my darling recover soon because she is sick since last friday. I guess there's virus around which cause alot of ppl to fall sick. Please drink more water and take some herbal tea if any possible. Weather ain't good recently, so better take care.

At least my girl feel kinda alright this morning. And furthermore, the rain make us sleep more soundly but not to her because of my snore. Im not afraid to let ppl know that I snore and its not ashame of. The only thing I would like to know that will be how to cure it or at least minimise the sound of the snore. Heard that its due to certain part of my throat was big and cause it difficult to breathe and loud sound was occur. Hmm.. I tried to apply something to cure the snore but its no use. I guess, either Im too fat or too tired. Look like I better silm down fast. Of course, I do 50 crunches and 20 butterfly kick which I learnt from RT training before sleep everynight.

Decided not to get Hp4700, look like when there's huge use then we buy. Meantime, my girl and me still deciding where to go for holiday. Bintan, Hongkong, Thailand? Or... rest in Singapore. I need a good rest thou so... Massage to me is a must though.

If I were to go HongKong, I get to visit one of my friend, Nicolas Tang, whom is one of the founder for TranceRepublic and he is now base in HK working.

For Thailand, I know where to go, eat and stay after the trip from last year with my ex coll and presenter.

If the trip is call off, maybe use the money to buy my gf a comp which she can finally go online and surf and able to do the stuff. Not as bored when she is at home so lonely.

Anyway, so... decision is not yet been made.

Got to decide on my blog skin now... Gonna put one more stuff like my aim... Places to go... Things to buy.. etc etc etc.. remind of myself hehe... Still thinking how to do it... kinda hate the scrill is in the middle of my blog... prefer to be in whole feel. JasK did a radio blog but Im unable to load music though but it seem nice to have that. I shall do it and place on my blog.. haha..

Still waitin for my frenz to get my site done... sighz...

I believe in organise things properly and make it easier in all sense. At least right infront of u, the stuff are neat and good. Been disorganise can good and bad but, when come to take over from someone, that's when everything SCREWED UP! hahaha

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