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Monday, July 24

What a morning to be in office. Keith told me that my APC backup device was giving sound and lighting non stop and heard from my another coll, Wanting, saying it had been like this since last friday.

Weird, why someone didn't check around for me and switch it off.. hmm.. haha.. selfish? haha... its ok then as it is confirm announced dead.

Apparently, all my stuff which include my monitor, CPU and DAT player were all connected to APC unit which had a main power out to connect to the wall power socket which is just one button to on/off everything. I prefer things to be in this way, rather then having a messy table with cables around which I feel damn irritated.

As my CPU, monitor and DAT player socket are different, I had to change another type of cable which can be plug to the wall socket. The cable is what most of us had at home for the monitor connected to your CPU which is a 3 pin male and female plug.

Thanks to my manager, May for helping me to get the cable so I can plug everything in nicely! Woot. While I'm thinking of how to plug everything nicely, I found an extension plug which I can hold up to 4 units! So, generally 3 of those units with my CD player were plug to the extension and lay on the floor and having the main plug to the wall socket which is at the table level. Great and its nicely done! I feel so NEAT! haha.... freako though.

I guess the fonts on my blog seem small as Keith complaint! Haha.. I had readjusted the font from 11 to 12 so that it will be much bigger and easier to read on!

Planning to request from JasK to hook up this radio blog on my blog. Haha.. I love to beautify it! Hahaha...

Getting nearer to HK trip! Anxious and excited! Had not contact Nicolas yet but will be asking around whether if the rest need to pass anything to him or not.

Work work work!!! haha..

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