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Friday, July 21

Sad of the letter... Confusion of Rights

Just received a sad letter which HSBC decline my application of getting a Credit Card. Now, all I can hope for are the rest of the application I sent out, able to approve it.

Sigh.. low wages life is like that. What to do... and now everything is going up. I had to agree with Mr Brown article. The rest you may want to figure out yourself.

Please give me luck on the application... HSBC is very fast on the responding *argh*

Rights Rights Rights! What I mean is CopyRights. Mechanical Rights, Performance Right etc etc etc

There are just too many Copyrights in our surrounding. For instance, music played onboard of plane from one country to another needed certain rights. And also, who are the ones (agency) in charge in the country.

Apart of that, different record labels, artistes, composer, lyricist are signed to certain agency and prior to that extend, not every country can play the artist's music because of certain people (composer, lyricist, singer) are not signed to the agency in that particular country.

I guess I have to understand more before I can share with everyone like what if these ppl signed to other agency and we pay them, are we allow to play? I guess maybe its $ problem.

Rights is never understandable unless you are working in there. For instance, Singapore will be
Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS).

If you are to look at other countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan, its not just one company, that's why headache begin.

Agency had rights to collect royalties if they found out certain music were played somewhere but did not get pay for it. They find our clients instead of us, because they did not know which production company is doing it.

Headache knowing all these...

Time's up! Gotta rush to fetch my girl.

Will be back to do my collage and figuring of my new blogskin.

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