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Thursday, July 13

More of less, the places we planned to go had been confirmed. Everything was just about the travelling time. We intend to go to Lantau Island to visit the Big Buddha! It is pretty majestic! How can I missed it by not going there huh!

We planned by MTR route and back by ferry so that we can shop around Causeway Bay before heading back to Kowloon for more shopping. This will be our 2nd day trip which mean we had to wake up very early in the morning and hoping to reach Big Buddha area by 9am so that it took us just few hours looking around.In fact, Im hoping the cable car over there will be done as it took just 20min for the ride! Woot!

Hopefully before noon, we can get ourselves to The Peak located in HongKong Island (which I'm planning to go after we settle the hotel stuff so that we had plenty of time the next day). Then we shall walk on to Causeway Bay and by the night time, we shall settle our butt at the seaside to view the HongKong light symphony! hehe..

Im wondering I had time to meet my friend or not which Im hoping so. Maybe after Disneyland trip. Haha.. 4th day, walk ard again but in Kowloon only. Had plenty of good food and shopping trip for souvenirs to bring back to Singapore! By then, we are dead tired! Gosh and lucky that I applied the leave the day after I reached Singapore! If not, I be a zombie!

Hope the trip will be smooth! Please! I scared of screwed up! Hehe


Oh yah, earlier on, Darrel share gave this site for me. Click here to view
Rather touching as I looked on. 3rd photo caught me and last photo made me sad and wish him R.I.P.

Everyday in life we do not know what happen next. I chose to be happy and fulfil whatever things I would like. I do not want any regret in life.

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