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Saturday, July 15

It seem like day passes just like a blink of eye! Its Saturday again and our weekend thou! And 2 more days to my darling weekend... hmm.. I told myself many times that I must try to make full use of the time. Be it with photographing, do my website, blog and even music... I guess I shouldnt stay too lazy after all. Well, fact is Im getting heavier again! LOL... Everything... time is precious and do not let it waste it.

Today, I finally got the Chocolate Muffin from Chocolate & Spice at Tanjong Pagar! Just enough for mine and my darling families! Great!

After meeting my darling, we went to Parkway Parade to have dinner and luckily that we did not go to Orchard Rd as I would want to apply my Credit Card because there's last min delivery to her music school so we left with no choice but to wait for the deliveryman.

Soon after collecting the stuff from the guy, we approached back to school once again to place the stuff and just nice Mr JJ called up to meet up for dinner. So, Parkway Parade will be the choice since he cant make up of his mind. Because I chose PP first and if another person wanted to eat another place, the person had to think of the venue, ain't me. Fair and square.

We waited for about 20min before the arrival of Mr JJ outside PastaMania but end up we chose a Thai Resturant due to no seating place for the 3 of us at PastaMania. Well, we had delicious food at the Thai Rest like Chicken, Fish and the most fav of all, Tom Yam Seafood Soup! A total of $60+ for these and with a coke including 5 plate of rice! Woot!

Mr JJ's friend came along to meet him up at the resturant and of course my dar and me do not mind but end up both my gal and his friend kept aiming him by making him foolish. This guy is really awesome as his head had little hair and I guessed he shaved before! Cool dude and fast thinking to make fun of Mr JJ.

With our tummy been filled up with the delicious Thai food, all of us went to Starbuck just outside PP and of course we had ice blended drinks, latte and my fav cheese cake! Im aint that full at that time so I still can carry on. But Im pretty sure after tmr onwards, I be keeping on eye of my diet though. Lots of stuff to pay off so, save money is another aim to do it.

Love the feeling when all of us were at Starbuck, though there's smoke but still pretty alright due to the big wind and make the entire atmosphere feel so right as if Im still in the past as if that I be going clubbing later on with my pals. The feeling is so right! Haha.. But of course, I would love to have such drinking session at Orchard Rd which is the best option! Haha One of these day, I shall try it!

Talking about nice atmosphere, yesterday after fetching my gal and there's no massage session at that night, we went around the Pasar Malam to hunt for food, Ramly, Mee Goreng with fried chicky and also mua chee! With our food bought, we approach to ECP beach! Haha At first, my girl thought of stopping near the chalet which I do not personally like it there due to crowded and there wouldn't be any table for us at night also! So, I told her that let's go further in where the carpark I used to park at for the Army Half Marathon during my last year ICT. We went in even deeper and further reaching near to Bedok Jetty and there's a huge heavy vehicle carpark where the famous area for people to start pasting newspaper on the car and have 'fun' in it! Haha..

Reaching the area, we went to one of the empty table and settle down with our food! Its rather nice due to mainly there's wind! Hehe Most important for me thou! My dear love the atmosphere alot because she didn't have such feeling before and she remembered there's one time she wanted to do it with her ex but end up she had to prepared everything and was been question that was it that fun at all? Brat... spoil spot and cold blanket! Haha..

Anyway, we love the atmosphere and the feeling of yesterday today and our future too! Love you so much, darling. Winkies!

Hope everything go smooth after this mth! Lady luck began to smile at us!

Oh, her school at new advertisement poster opposite Parkway Parade and my photos was again been advertise!

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