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Saturday, July 22

Hurray for my blog skin!

Yes! You are in my blog now! No doubt! I had just changed my blogskin earlier on today within 2hrs. In fact, I shouldn't say its all my work. Lucky for Dreamweaver help and alittle knowledge on HTML do helps alot.

Its so easy to do some amendement and most of the time is to figure this and that, kept on refreshing till I got it right. I know the Love/Hate had nothing but I do not wish to keep that away because I had no idea whether what I should include on.

In fact, if there's any advertisement, you may want to put onto my blog as well. Its all about advertisement. Xiaxue is one of the so call famous blogger now and she had ideas upon doing pixel ad which is a very clever move of her's. Its advertisement cum making hell lots of money! Woo! This idea of hers came from this guy. Check out this website of his!

Is it amazing? But hell that who cares so long you earn and bring some great sales to the company! Cool huh! If I had more ppl looking at my blog, perhaps I should start one too. Haha.. But I doubt so.

Coming back to the blogskin, I had to say that the idea doesn't come from me alone but from one blogger. I found his link through Blogskins and get into this site of his. You can check out his info there.

From there, I found one of the skin that I like alot and decided to do some editing on it. All I want is the layout and nothing more. Just by luck, I managed I got it in this way. I must say a thanks to him. Hoping that he do not mind me re editing the skin. I will hereby add him to my blogger. Great guy with great works! I love his work but maybe due to blockhead of me like simple and easy reading blogskins. Haha..

Here's the ACTUAL LOOK of the skin before I do something on it.

Of course, I will input an image above my stuff at least it will not look so dull. Gotta think of a design or, rather a photos with flash. Hehe... not easy though.

If it can be great, I would like a flash player which look like the latest Window Media Player 11!

I just simply love the button

Ok. Thats all about it!

Coming next is the collage which I need to rush.

Got a good news this morning through MySpace, because someone love the chillout track of mine and would like me to pass them more stuff. Sadly to say, I don't. Sigh.. So, gotta rush rush rush...

Last but not least, my website.. hanging nowhere man. Damn it!

Well, I love my new look of my blog now! Woot! Nothing much but I find it neat and clean!

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