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Sunday, July 23

Good grief... to think every Sunday I woke up at 10am plus! haha... nevertheless, I managed to finish up housework chores.. phew and finally sit down and rest with my favourite SCV drama and followed by Election 2.

I reckon this Election 2 is much gross then Part 1. Never knew that if one want to be leader, they can go all sort of ways to get rid of their rivals. For instance, Louis Khoo chop someone up and mince the meat as DOG FOOD! Yucks!

I had not watch Ren Rou Cha Shao Bao yet.. godness sake. 7th Mth is coming, so I guess I'll wait after 'door close' before I watch it in peace. lol

Yesterday went to Suntec City with my girl and realised that we had not been there for months even though I past there at times. lol. I can't remember which Tower I was at, I saw quite a number of nice photos for Uniquely Singapore which were host there for exhibition.

And of course we had our nice dinner at Carl's Jr! YUMMY! Very Amercian! Haha.. You ordered, they served you with your meals later. And you get your cup first and then feel free to get the drink at the counter which is FREE FLOW! Woo! For me, 2 serving are enough for me. haha For overall, great taste and it is best for me as it manage to make me full!


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